Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to increase your happiness and into a happier personality.

Share Your Happiness
Yes it's true; happiness is the only thing that multiplies as you share it. Have you ever felt happier when you share what's making you happy to other people? Nobody can explain it really, but it does happen and that's the important thing.It's simple, but sharing our happiness is a deed most people take for granted. Yet it opens the doors towards a happier disposition and personality.
Capture The Moments So You Can Relive them
This is easier to do now than any other moment in recorded history. With the rise of technology, we can virtually capture any moment in our lives via our digital cameras, video cameras, cell phones, audio recorders, etc.
Nowadays, we are always equipped to capture any event or instance in our lives with our photo or video-enabled mobile phones.
Capture the moments that made you happy so you can take a look at them when you are feeling down. Also, sharing happy moments with other people is much more engaging if you have visual aids as opposed to simply telling the story.
Stop Worrying About The FutureThe irony about happiness is that most people aim to get it, yet when it's there they worry that it will disappear. An example is when people anticipating weekends when at work, and during Sundays worry about the upcoming work week; or when people are on vacation and worrying that they have to go home soon.
I know it sounds like a cliche but really, enjoy the moment and stop worrying about the future; you won't be able to figure it out anyway.
Try Something You Have Been Putting Off For A While
The "what if's" and "shoulda, woulda, coulda's" of life are large burdens to bear. Take the burden off by trying them and dealing with them once and for all.
Only two things can happen anyway, you succeed and you get what you want, or you fail and you get closure. Either way, you'll end up more fulfilled and happier than you ever were.
Yes it's easier said than done, but what you are putting off is usually easier to accomplish than your mind is making it out to be. So go ahead and try them already.
Smile Always !
The most basic yet most effective of them all, also often the most overlooked and underrated. Do you realize that it's impossible to think of negative things while smiling? So you can never go wrong with putting up a smile as often as you can.
Also, smiling is contagious. It's easier to be happy and be a happier person if people around you are smiling as well.
So good luck and work happily!

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