Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to love yourself?

Give Yourself Some Appreciation
Loving yourself encompasses a show of appreciation. You accept the fact that you are not a perfect person, yet you surround yourself with a positive aura. You would tend to ignore people who give you destructive negative feedback. Just be happy with who you are and you will be happy with your life.
Do not include hate in your daily living, but rather, fill it with love, not just for others but also for yourself.
Give Yourself That Image Boost
Pamper yourself. Treat yourself to the salon and try each of whatever the salon agents have to offer. Having a positive outlook in life already proves that you are beautiful within.
What do you have to lose to actually look beautiful outside, right?
Now, if you are a man and is probably laughing your head off imagining what you would look like with pink-colored nails, you do not have to actually take this tip literally and take yourself to the salon. You could go to your favorite barber shop and have that wonderful lock of yours trimmed. You could also have a relaxing massage after you have aromatherapy.
Spare Time From Your Hectic Schedule
Loving yourself does not necessarily mean that you put your needs and wants above all others. It only means that you spare some time for yourself. Actually relaxing and just feeling the breeze are something that you have not done for a very long time. And you realize that it is about time you actually spared some to enjoy the wonders of nature.
How you see yourself is how other people will see you as well. If you treat yourself like a piece of junk, other people will definitely treat you like so, if not even worse. If you want others to accept and love you for who you really are, then you have to accept and love yourself first.
Forgive Yourself.
You have to cut yourself some slack. Nobody is perfect and everybody commits mistakes of their own kind. For sure, you have your own share of embarrassing and hair-raising mistakes that will probably make some people meet their eyebrows when they see you.
Even if this is the case, you have to learn to forgive yourself. You cannot truly love yourself if you have some skeletons in the closet you are trying to deny to yourself. You have to be open to yourself and just forget your shortcomings.

You have to actually believe that you are worthy of love. Believing that you are totally unworthy of this healthy and pleasant value proves that you do not love yourself. There is a popular saying that you cannot give away what you do not have.

If you do not, or at least, find it in you to actually love yourself, then what you claim to be your love for others is highly questionable. Reciprocally, they will also not be comfortable in showing their own personal version of love for you.
Another thing that you could do to help yourself in loving yourself is to stop whatever is harmful for you. If you have vices that you just can't get out of, well, it is about time that you do. Because if you truly love yourself, you would know just how valuable you are and quit those activities and things that can pose any harm towards you and your health.
Always remember that the more loving you are to yourself, then the more others who are close to you, or those whom you want to love you back, can also be more loving towards you.

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