Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10 Essential iPad Apps

AIM for iPad
Price: Free
Download size: 8.9 megabytes

Whoa -- who taught AOL how to design a beautiful interface? The desktop and iPhone versions of AIM will probably never be remembered for their stunning GUIs, but the iPad version just might. This one-stop IM client very cleanly displays your active IMs, your open conversations and your friends lists on iPad's screen, and it does so with style. A sleek background image, thoughtfully designed chat windows and lists that scroll up and down with the swipe of a finger. It looks great and works just fine, especially once you come to terms with iPad's pop-up touch-based keyboard. You can configure multiple identities and chat with Facebook friends, too. The only gripe we have with the app so far is that it runs a little on the sluggish side -- a minor shortcoming we hope AOL can address with future updates. Still, give it a try and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised with just how slick AIM can be.

ABC Player
Price: Free
Download size: 1.5 megabytes

Hats off to ABC for having the foresight to release a dedicated iPad app so that network watchers can stream all of their favorite shows to the portable. Word on the street is that nearly half of the iPad user base so far has downloaded the App and streamed some 680,000 episodes to their devices. The other networks are sure to follow suit, but in the meantime you can very easily watch all of your favorite ABC shows, from Lost and Modern Family to V and Flash Forward, all with a quick swipe and click. The content streams instantly to your tablet and looks great with a decent connection. The ABC Player's browsing interface is sleek, quick and easy to use. You can even see the network's airing schedule through the week. It all works flawlessly.

Lets continue the next 8 essential tomorrow! Lets choose i phone!

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