Tuesday, May 11, 2010

9 types of bloggers

1. Speedlinker: Roundups, Comments, Trackbacks, etc of interesting posts. E.g. Problogger.com

2. Quoter: Blockquoting an interesting point of view, extract or news snippet and add a short bit of opinion and sourcing information. E.g. Susan Mernet’s “Quote of the Day”.

3. Entertainer: Amusing video, cartoon, image or joke. E.g. CartoonStock.com, BLaugh.com

4. Questioner: On-topic, interesting and conversation generating question. Insightful and interactive.

5. Updater: Ongoing project statistics or status.

6. Newsreader: Interesting news from press releases or grapevine. E.g. TechCrunch.com

7. Recycler: Dragging out some old goodies from the archives and reposting them for your new readers. (Collis didn’t have any example here, so I’ve added one. This “recycler” is a good online friend of mine. Her blog, a model for me at one point, also contains other types of posts.)

8. Guest-Poster: Your guest gets an extra plug, you get a day off and your readers get some variety.

9. Announcer: Own local blog news, short and sweet. E.g. what you plan to do, a new competition, reset of top commenters.

NINE TYPES OF BLOGGERS (slightly adapted from Collis’ 9 Essential Posts Every Blogger Should Know About, thanks, Lucas):