Saturday, May 22, 2010

5 ways to make extra money

1. Cull through your books, DVD, CD, and video game collections. is part of the vast online flea market that is eBay, but it's much, much easier to navigate. There are no listing fees, for one thing, and while you do pay a small percentage of the profit once your item has sold, it's really quite reasonable.

2. Make those coins count. It's amazing how quickly spare change can add up! So much so that some banks offer to manage it for you by automatically rounding your debit card purchases up to the nearest dollar and depositing the difference into your savings account. There's no reason why you can't do that for yourself:

3. Get crafty. If you have a hobby, put it to work for you. Do you like to make earrings? Sell them on Etsy. Make your own giftbaskets? Got a flair for graphic design? Make your own mugs, T-shirts, and more on Zazzle or Cafepress and sell them there or on Craigslist.

4. Make money by saving money. Raise your deductible on your car and home insurance. Look into ways to save on cooling costs this summer. Eliminate the extras, or substitute DIY versions so you can still indulge without the investment.Try swapping instead of shopping: At, which is free to join, members earn and use points by trading gently-used items (clothing, baby stuff, games and toys) with one another.

5. Clear out the clutter. There's Craigslist, of course, and eBay, but did you know that you can even sell your collections on Yes, there's a fee, but you can reach a huge (and sometimes international) audience. Don't feel like listing your things or trekking to the post office? Donate them to charity and take the tax write-off instead; the Salvation Army offers a guide to how much your stuff may be worth !


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  2. Didn't know about Glad to have dropped by here. We do have a lot of slightly used baby clothing and gear here. Will go visit the site now and try to trade them to things we find useful.